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Stringee Chat API Overview

Stringee is a platform for integrating rich messaging directly into your applications. We provide developers with SDK, APIs for rapid development of chat features. Stringee supports:

Technical Concepts Overview

There are four core concepts you should understand:

1. StringeeClient

Represents an application user connection. In order to send or receive a message, you must initialize a Stringee Client and connect the Client to Stringee's server. StringeeClient manages connection and notification states. Only one instance of StringeeClient should be instantiated and used at all times.

2. User management

Stringee does not handle user management. This means that you do not have to import or migrate existing users, and users don’t have to register with Stringee itself. Instead, this functionality is handled by your server. You only need provide Stringee with a unique ID for each user.

3. Conversations

Stringee Conversation contains a set of participants and unlimited number of messsages. There are two types of Conversation:

4. Messages

Stringee Message represents an individual message which belong to a Conversation. There are 7 types of Message: